About us

Lots of places claim to be the pizza of Waltham, pretend to be honored as Favorite Pizza Waltham place. Well order here and you will know we have put everyone behind. Every street and every neighborhood in Waltham has its own pizza joint and every one of them would probably claim that it makes the finest pizza in Waltham town. But here we only serve the real traditional Pizza of Waltham. We know it’s a crucial litmus test for anyone to find good pizza place. Pizza is the simplest or most popular thing any Waltham pizza place will make but ours is outstanding, so is the rest of our menu. Our pizza is unexpectedly takeout or delivery both ways gold, the quality & charm of Pizza Waltham is irresistible. The secret of pizza always lies in crust which should be somewhat crispy and somewhat doughy, the cheese should be melty in some spots and thick and chewy in others. Order with us & it will speak for itself the Pizza of Waltham